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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jul 9, 2018–Infiniti Research, a world-renowned market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest list blog on the five popular methods of organic farming you must be aware of this year.

5 Basic Organic Farming Methods You Might Not Have Known. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Irrespective of how urbanized or modern we become, agriculture is always going to be one of the chief industries on which our existence depends. So, there have been many technological innovations introduced in this industry to guarantee better agricultural production to meet the increasing population’s demand for food. Organic farming methods are mainly aimed at cultivating crops in such a way that it keeps the soil alive. This system mostly makes use of organic wastes which comes from the animal, crop, farm, and aquatic wastes and other biological materials along with useful microbes (biofertilizers) to release nutrients to crops. The result is an increased sustainable production in an eco-friendly pollution free environment. Organic farming methods mainly avoid the use of synthetic inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. They depend on organic inputs like off-farm organic waste and animal manures.

“Today, organic farming methods are becoming highly popular in the agricultural sector due to their various benefits.”says an industry expert from.

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Methods of organic farming you must be aware of:

Crop rotation: In this form of organic farming, farmers do not grow the same crops on the same section of land year after year. If you are thinking why there are numerous benefits associated with this practice, this technique naturally replenishes the soil as diverse plants donate nutrients to the soil. Also, disrupting the habitat of weeds and insect pests helps control them.Crop diversity: Old-style farming practices follow a monoculture in which only one type of crop is cultured in a particular piece of land. Nowadays, diverse crops are cultivated instantaneously on the same plot of land. This is a type of organic farming method which is also known as polyculture and is a great way to meet the rising demand for crops. This technique also helps in producing the required soil microorganisms. To know more about this engagement,

Biological pest control: The agricultural field contains a mixture of the organism, some of which are used for cultivation and some are damaging. The development of these organisms must be under control to guarantee the protection of the field and the crops. Pesticides and herbicides that comprise of fewer chemicals or are natural can be used for pest control.

, to know more about the five popular methods of organic farming you must be aware of this year

Infiniti Research is a global market intelligence company offering strategic insights to help look beyond market disruptions, study competitive activity, and develop intelligent business strategies. Listed below are the five methods of organic farming you must be aware of.

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