Phillips Mushroom Farms upping its organic production

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The increase in the demand for organics is evident in nearly every retail grocery store across the nation. Most retailers today dedicate sections and significant space in their produce departments to the organic category, separate from the conventional offerings.

Leading mushroom producer, Phillips Mushroom Farms in Kennett Square, PA, is increasing organic production to keep pace with the growing demand.

A few years ago, the company developed and built a new cutting-edge mushroom farm in Warwick, MD. The facility has been expanded a couple of times since it opened, and now it’s being expanded again specifically for organic production.


Phillips Mushroom Farms’ Organic Gourmet Blend.“The Warwick facility was originally designed for organic production,” explained Kevin Donovan, national sales manager. “Organic mushrooms from it will be available in time for the next winter holiday season.”

Phillips Mushroom Farms is a multi-generation family-owned company that is a leading producer of a full range of conventional and organic mushrooms.

One bright new product at the company is its Organic Gourmet Blend in a four-ounce pack.

“The Organic Gourmet Blend combines sliced Baby Bellas, sliced Shitakes and Yellow Oyster mushrooms, giving consumers a mix of their favorite varieties in an organic option,” said Donovan. “Making it even more exciting is that we obtained our food-safety certification on Yellow Oyster Mushrooms last year, turning the item into a win-win for customers who want both organic and food-safety certification.”

He pointed out that today’s consumers who are dedicated to buying organics want their products to be separated from conventional, easy to find and conveniently packaged.

“The Organic Gourmet Blend fits perfectly into these criteria,” said Donovan. “It was launched at the Organic Produce Summit in July 2017, and the response was fast and strong. We expect new and increased interest for the item at this year’s event and going forward.”

The overall mushroom category continues to blossom with strong increasing demand. Donovan attributes much of the growth to the Mushroom Council’s The Blend initiative.

The project began a few years ago and continues to promote blending mushrooms with protein to reduce fat and calories, increase nutrition and heighten flavor in prepared foods.

“The entire mushroom category has benefited from the council’s initiatives,” said Donovan.

Phillips Mushroom has a successful history in cultivating mushrooms since 1927, leaving little wonder about how it has remained on the cutting edge of mushroom production and the trends surrounding the industry.

Phillips Mushroom Farms’ plans for its organic line is to continue to keep pace with the increased demand.

“Retailers are paying more attention to their organic sections than ever,” noted Donovan.

“Merchandised and promoted correctly, they can make good money on organic space,” he added.

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